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Annie going to make you BURN in DEATH BATTLE

First Appearance: League of Legends(2009)
Age: Estimated 5-9 
Height: 4'4" 
Weight: 50 lbs
Alias: The Dark Child
Occupation: League of Legend Champion
-The youngest champion in the league
-At the age of two she was able to catch a shadow bear and keep it as a pet
---Shadow bear is one of the most dangerous monster outside her colony 
---Usually keep him spell bound in a stuffed bear
-Respected by many even if she only little girl
-LoL Durability
---Scales to large building on average
-Can take attack that would kill peak human
-Very squishy compare to the other champions

-Able to create and manipulate fire

-After casting her fourth abilities her next one stuns for 1.5/1.7 seconds
:iconlordmonferno:LordMonferno 11 5
If ScrewAttack's verdicts were reversed...
I decided to post this as an official submission so I could notify you guys when I update it for new battles.
Boba Fett vs Samus Aran: Fett wraps Samus up in his whip and blows her head to pieces with a point-blank blaster shot
Akuma vs Shang Tsung: Tsung absorbs enough of Akuma's soul to reduce him to a withered corpse
Rogue vs Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman splatter Rogue's head into mush with a punch
Haggar vs Zangief: The same, but Haggar gets up instead of Zangief
TMNT Royale [Raphael victory]: Raph snaps Leo's blades and jams both of his sai into Leo's neck
TMNT Royale [Donatello victory]: Donnatello bashes Leo's skull open with his bo staff
TMNT Royale [Michelangelo victory]: Mikey hits Leo in the neck with his nunchuks hard enough to break it
Leonardo vs Zitz: Zitz pins Leo to the ground and jams his drill into his head
Yoshi vs Riptor: Riptor tears Yoshi apart and eats the remains
Felicia vs Taokaka: Felicia claws Tao's throat out
Kratos vs Spawn: Kratos turns Spawn to stone and s
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 9 18
If ScrewAttack's battles were non-lethal...
Making this an official submission...
How do you think they would go? Here's my two cents:
-Boba Fett vs Samus Aran: Rather than blasting Fett's head off, Samus simply spin kicks him, shattering the ice around his head and knocking him unconscious as he is sent flying
-Akuma vs Shang Tsung: Tsung is still barely alive after the beatdown Akuma gives him, and Akuma walks away, hoping Tsung will get stronger
-Rogue vs Wonder Woman: Rogue drains just enough of Wonder Woman's power to weaken her before knocking her out with a punch
-Goomba vs Koopa: The goomba and his friends all stagger back onto the stage, dazed, while the Koopa comes back out as a Dry Bones.
-Haggar vs Zangief: Same events, but Haggar gets on his hands and knees, exhausted, as Zangief cheers.
-TMNT Battle Royale: Mikey is incapacitated by a wound that Leo covers up with his headband while Raph and Donnie fight, Donnie gets punched unconscious by Raph, and Raph gets stabbed through the chest rather than the throat, allowi
:iconmetamaster54610:MetaMaster54610 12 17
Nathan Drake Reacts to S.McD. vs. S.K. by Mothralina95 Nathan Drake Reacts to S.McD. vs. S.K. :iconmothralina95:Mothralina95 10 12 Pentip Kiss by CoyoteRom Pentip Kiss :iconcoyoterom:CoyoteRom 228 50 Concert time by BunnyAbsentia Concert time :iconbunnyabsentia:BunnyAbsentia 229 89 Kiss by BunnyAbsentia Kiss :iconbunnyabsentia:BunnyAbsentia 283 140 Linka Ships It by TheFreshKnight Linka Ships It :iconthefreshknight:TheFreshKnight 178 90 Middle of the Night 3 by CoyoteRom Middle of the Night 3 :iconcoyoterom:CoyoteRom 325 108 Don't Leave  by TheFreshKnight Don't Leave :iconthefreshknight:TheFreshKnight 544 134 Shipping Energy by CoyoteRom Shipping Energy :iconcoyoterom:CoyoteRom 311 133 Break by BunnyAbsentia Break :iconbunnyabsentia:BunnyAbsentia 192 84 Luan And Maggie Alternate Outfits by TheFreshKnight Luan And Maggie Alternate Outfits :iconthefreshknight:TheFreshKnight 202 41 An inconvenient truth by Parasomnico An inconvenient truth :iconparasomnico:Parasomnico 75 7 Pacifica in Season 3 by TheFreshKnight Pacifica in Season 3 :iconthefreshknight:TheFreshKnight 270 50 Kitty Videogames by frikineitor143 Kitty Videogames :iconfrikineitor143:frikineitor143 73 26


Metal Sonic? I just gotta say that the name is very uncreative. Really Eggman? You couldn't think of anything else? Still what Metal Sonic lacks in creativity, he certainly make up for in raw power. I remember listening about this guy in The Eggman vs Willy episode, thinking that this guy was unbeatable. The ability to copy another's power seems really OP, a clever writer could get around it though. Still, in a one on one matchup, I don't see how Zero can get past this.

On a side note, what the hell is that thing in MS's chest? A turbine? Seriously, that's always bothered me.
Apologies for the long wait, lot of stuff has happened to the point where I've got an announcement to make. In the mean time though let's talk about this fight! As I've said before I'm a moderate fan of Dragon Ball Z, I've not seen a single full episode but I basically know what happens in each of the arcs. And I know Android 18! Despite not watching the show, she's so cool that she's become a favorite of mine. Captain Marvel (From what I've been told) has been a bit of an asshole in the comics recently, though she is voiced by Jennifer Hale in Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes and that is a plus. Still though, I think it's clear who I was rooting for. Still I predicted Captain Marvel on account of her energy absorption power. Let's see.

(WARNING: Everything after the video will be me talking about the fight and spoiling the crap out of it, that includes the comments, if you don't want to be spoiled, watch the video, I mean, it's right there so it can't be that hard.)







ANDROID 18!!!!!!


Android 18: You know you're winning streak is over right?

You know? Any other fight I'd be upset about it but here? I couldn't care less. The fact that you won and your daughter doesn't have to mourn her mother? That's all right for me.

Android 18:*smirks*

Still though, it'll be a while till I trust other Youtubers on predicting fights. Though in their defense, pretty much everyone got this prediction wrong. Some people are even claiming that 18 can't absorb energy and that something from a game can't be added in an anime's canon. Meh, it was an official game that the creator of Dragon Ball signed off on himself. I consider it fair game.



Kinda weird that they're doing this fight since it was kinda already done in Eggman vs Willy. I think it has to do with the fact that Screwattack had to movie to Austin to work in the RoosterTeeth studios. This fight was probably done to help keep the schedule going. I mean, it's serendipitous that they already researched these characters AND have sprites for them. Mark my words though, the fight after this next one will be in 3-D.

Rooting For:

Eh, Zero I guess. Not that I'm that attached to him as a character but I played Mega Man more then Sonic so I've got a brand recognition with him.




Metal Sonic, obviously. That stupid Eggman vs Willy episode showed that he's one tough SOB. Killing him off would be impossible for the red Anti-Hero.



Soooo, onto the big news.........I'm moving again.

Android 18: Didn't you already say that in a previous journal?

Yes but now it's official. By the 1st day of August I'll have moved into a new home. So okay, new house, big deal right? I always move. Here's the thing though, It's very likely that I'll have moved out of this neighborhood. Since I don't have a car, this means I'll have to quit my current job. Honestly, I've been meaning to leave for a while now, this is just going to be the final kick in the pants for me to do so. Sad news is that since I want to save up as much money as I can until I get a new job, I'll be trying to spend as little money as possible, which means no movie reviews for a while, probably until the end of August, maybe going into September at the latest. Sorry. I'll have WAY more time to get writing done so there's that. Anyone wanting a continuation of The Rain Woman will be happy. Before anyone really freaks out, this will not effect the Death Battle Journals. Unlike the movies I pay to see, these are free to watch.

Lot of changes will be coming my way soon, I hope that you all will help me through it. See you on Wednesday!
Hello and Welcome to Movie Reviews where today we'll be looking at Kate Mara's latest vehicle with Megan Leavey.

Director Gabriela Cowperthwaite gives us the true story of young Megan Leavey (Kate Mara) a woman that doesn't seem to have a purpose in life after the death of a close friend. Wanting to get away from her miserable home life, she soon finds her calling and enlists in the marines. However after getting in trouble do to some drunken antics, she fins herself put toward dog kennel duty, where she meets Rex, one of the marine bomb sniffer dogs. Finding herself drawn to the animal she trains herself to become a dog handler with all the dangers that that entails to not just her but to Rex as well.

I like Kate Mara, she's a very under rated actress and has yet to really hit the big time when she clearly deserves it. A biopic like this is just what she needs to help stretch those acting chops of her's. The true story of a bomb sniffer dog from the marine war in Afghanistan is one that doesn't really appeal to me personally since I'm not a fan of dogs but with me being the impartial critic and all I'm of course willing to give this a shot. I was not disappointed. 

A film like this relies heavily on it's two leads, Mara and The Dog. Both are really great. Getting dogs to do what you need them to do in a film is difficult and the trainers of those animals have my sympathies. Here, you can get the sense that the dog and Mara have a bond that is both on screen and off. 

This film isn't just great for it's acting though. It's an effective war film that not just knowledgeable in warfare but also in how to make scenes of a dog sniffing out bombs just as tense as the action scenes. 

One problem I had with it though is it's lack of real transitions. Like in the beginning of the film we see that Megan is a bit of an emotional wreck, she's walking down a mini mall, sees the navy recruitment center and then boom, it's a few days later and she's suddenly on a bus to boot camp. Odd transitioning.

Megan Leavey is a really good biopic that almost got me to tear up near the end as well. It get's a B+

Apologies for the lack of content of my reviews today. Little busy, a pipe burst above my closet and I now have clear it out so a plumber can come in later and fix it. Fun stuff :(
Hello and Welcome to Movie Reviews where today we'll be looking at the latest from A24 with It Comes at Night

Director Terry Edward Schultz gives us the story of a world that has been ravaged from an unidentified disease. A family, lead by Paul (Joel Edgerton) and consisting of his wife, Sarah (Carmen Ejogo) and their son, Travis (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) is currently hiding out in a remote cabin in the woods. Having just buried Sarah's father Bud (David Pendleton) after he contracted the disease, the family is shaken up and not wanting to dwell on the issue, try to continue on with a semblance of normalcy. All of that changes though with an intruder attempts to break into their house. After being captured, the intruder, Will (Christopher Abbot) begs them to let him go back to his family. After much consideration, they decide to let Will, his wife Kim (Riley Keough) and young son Andrew (Griffin Robert Faunkler) into their house. While this seems to be a smart decision early on, it's shown that there will soon be terrible repercussions in the near future.

A film like It Comes At Night is something that happens 3 or 4 times a year. A film that's incredibly well made and probably would've been loved by the public if not for it's incredibly misleading advertising campaign. While this does have scary moments in it and it is tense, this isn't really what I'd call a horror movie. So the basic premise of this film is that it's set in a post apocalyptic world where a disease has spread causing people to get sick and die. A family closes off ranks and hides out in the forest, not wanting to trust anyone. It's a tense scenario and it can lead to many different stories, each one a diiferent type of story. This film decides to do with a mixture of drama, suspense, and a little bit of horror. So make no mistake while this film does have horror elements, it's more of a Drama. Some people are hating on this film. This is why I usually judge a film based on what the film actually is rather then what I was lead to believe in the trailer.

So how was the film itself. Fantastic, as is everything that comes from A24. Joel Edgerton is the only really recognizable name in this film and he does an amazing job. Really though, it's redundant praise since everyone here is on equal level. There's no one bad performance in the whole bunch which is a little expected with a cast as small as this but it's still impressive to say the least. Especially impressive is Kelvin Harrison Jr. who plays Travis. A lot of the film focuses on him, a lesser actor would've faltered and the whole film would've fallen apart but thankfully that did not happen.

One thing I need to make clear though is that this is not a happy film. I mean you might've guessed that from the premise but this is a very bleak, very depressing film. In a world like this, there's very little hope and the final act really brings that idea home. I left the theater shaken and it took watching Megan Leavey to get my spirits back up.

It Comes at Night is a film that's been hurt by the advertisers yes, but I urge you all to not let that effect you're viewing experience. You'll still be getting a really good film and I give it an A-.
Hello and Welcome to Movie Reviews where today we'll be looking at the apparent start of Universal's Dark Universe with The Mummy (2017)

Director Alex Kurtzman gives us the story of Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) a solder of fortune that loots ancient tombs in Iraq and Afghanistan before religious zealots destroy them. He, along with his buddy, Chris Vale (Jake Johnson) raid a zealot controlled village and soon uncover a mysterious tomb. After getting the army to come and investigate it, along with the mysterious, feisty archaeologist Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis). The three of them head into the tomb, eager to document the discover and maybe get some loot to sell later on. However, when Nick accidentally releases an ancient evil. The evil spirit of Princess Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella) rises and seeks to use Nick as a vessel for the evil god, Set and take over the world. Now, Nick and Jenny must stop this evil from destroying all of mankind.

The idea of Universal taking advantage of the cinematic universe craze that's going on right now and making one that has the universal monsters is an interesting and kinda cool idea. You might not have thought about this but those old universal black and white monster movies was the very first cinematic universe if you think about it. The idea of remaking that in the modern age, upping the production value, putting some fresh ideas into the series to make this cinematic universe is a really good idea. You could take this in so many creative and different ways. Remaking the horror aspect, or maybe creating an interesting world where monsters are coming to be known in the public and are seen as a menace. This is a really cool idea that Universal Studios has on their hands..........too bad that it's first outing is the safest, most vanilla thing you will ever see.

So okay, what exactly do I mean by "safe"? Isn't safe a good thing? Not here. The term "Committee Movie" has been thrown out a lot in the past to describe things like the MCU and the SWU. While, yes there are times where in those series, you can see the corporate control behind it all, for the most part the directors and film makers are so good that you don't see past it. Film is an illusion after all. There are groups of board members behind each of those films that probably do decide what some aspects of said film will be, if the film is good enough though, then it can work around and even work with the limitations provided. "Art from Adversity" and all that. A film like this though? Watching it, looking back at it in retrospect, everything about this film, from the casting of the lead, to it's bland direction, to the editing, to the villain, all of it screams committee. This film is not a product of a creative spark, this film is a product of corporate committee's that sought to maximize as much profit as they could from a product. No one went into this film with the idea of creating a story. This film was created only so that it could make money.

When I call this film "Safe" and a "Committee Movie", I mean it as literally as possible. You can feel the soulless, corporate mindset crafting this. Board Member 1: We need to cast someone that's a big draw, someone that the masses will recognize and will go to see. Board Member 2: What about Tom Cruise? People like him AND he's recognizable overseas so we can tap into that foreign market. Board Member 1: Excellent Idea, we'll see if he's available. Board Member 3: I think we should probably get a director that won't get in the way, won't try to give the film some type of strange vision that might scare off potential customers. Board Member 4: Good point, we should look for the average director for hire. Someone that's just willing to collect a paycheck. Do you all see what I mean? Nothing about this film says "Art". All of it was made by people that had no interest in telling a story and just sought to profit off of what's popular at the time, creating their own "Universe". From my knowledge, Iron Man was not created for the soul purpose of creating a universe. They just wanted to tell a good story first and if it was a success THEN go further from there. Man of Steel while having many problems, you can at least look at that and say that Zack Snyder made that with a vision. It was a misguided vision yes, but it was a vision. There is no vision with this director, it honestly felt lie he was just plucked off the street.

Because of everything that I just described, this film came off as generic and boring when I saw it. The biggest compliment that I can give is that this is a watchable film. You can see it and not want to just leave. But if you do see it, odds are, you will not remember it a month from now, maybe even a week. This is the prime example of a forgettable movie. The Mummy (2017) gets a D.


Isiah gomez
United States

Metal Sonic? I just gotta say that the name is very uncreative. Really Eggman? You couldn't think of anything else? Still what Metal Sonic lacks in creativity, he certainly make up for in raw power. I remember listening about this guy in The Eggman vs Willy episode, thinking that this guy was unbeatable. The ability to copy another's power seems really OP, a clever writer could get around it though. Still, in a one on one matchup, I don't see how Zero can get past this.

On a side note, what the hell is that thing in MS's chest? A turbine? Seriously, that's always bothered me.


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